Introducing a Dog into a Cat household

Yes. Yes cats can live with dogs and yes a dog can live with cats. I have 2 young cats that have never lived with a dog. I recently invited a large dog into my life and was surprised how quickly my 2 cats adjusted to the situation. The dog had lived with cats before so there was never a threat from him.  My cats did take some time to get used to him, but it has been over a month now and they all get along beautifully. I am very impressed.

How to approach home renovations

Photo by Greencolander
Sometimes you are simply day dreaming when you start thinking of all the things that would make your home perfect. You start to dream of that perfect kitchen that includes a dishwasher, how nice it might be to have a fireplace, that extra bathroom; maybe even a second or third floor! Then at some point you realize if you had the foggiest idea how much some of this stuff costs, you might stop dreaming and start planning!

Chalk board Ikea hack

Very cool, easy, cheap, pretty Ikea hack.
See the complete and simple how-to post on ikea hacker here.
See the actual frame from Ikea here.