Must Have Pet Books

holistic pet books
Here are some of the books I can honestly recommend. All of these I have myself and they were all valuable resources I use regularly. Each has their own special gems as all books do. I have a personal interest in Animal Health and Holistic Medicine so most people do not need to own more than one or two of these books. I cannot tell you how often I have used many of these books as references over and over again.

If you are looking for one book to have as a good all round resource, I’d recommend: Dr Pitcairn’s book (above) and/or Diane Stein’s book (above). Both are excellent resources full helpful information –both are good if you have a cat or a dog. If you own a cat you could get Anitra Frazier’s book (above) -it is a fabulous and well thought out book for cat owners –all you really need if you have a cat. These are my reference recommendations.

If you would like to learn about homeopathy and its use for small animals like cats and dogs and most pets, I’d highly recommend Christopher Day’s Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals (below). It’s extremely well written and explains the homeopathic approach very clearly. That’s a great book to read if you are interested in Homeopathy for your pet.

If you are really new to the concept of Homeopathy -this is the book to read for a very good understanding of what it is, and how it is applied: Homeopathy: Medicine of the New ManHomeopathy Medicine of the New Man by George Vithoulkasby George Vithoukas.

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