Need a new roof?

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I need a new roof. I always knew I would have to invest in my roof. I was hoping that I would have a bit of time after moving in before having to shell out the cash for this, but alas... I am feeling that I should maintain this aspect of my home as soon as possible. Why?

Love thy neighbour

This being my first home and all, I place huge stock in my neighbors. I was hopeful of a nice considerate reasonably quiet person who loved animals and was kind and respectful of them and me. My little house is, well, little and on a postage sized lot so we must be respectful of each others privacy. We also share a wall; this being a semi-bungalow after all. So, when I moved in I was extremely happy to meet my neighbor S. She was exactly what suited me for a neighbor. She has a lovely cat and a small dog, loves animals is a single quiet woman and extremely friendly. What more could I ask?

How to add value to your home

I can't believe how easy it is to gather lists upon lists of to-do's and nice-to-have's when you buy a home. There are lists of necessities and lists of decorating ideas and now I find myself considering what of my list items will actually add value to my home. These are becoming my priority right after my first priority which is essential maintenance.

Here are the results of my research on adding value to your home.

Handyman, contractor, service people -where do you find one?

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Okay -I get a bit nervous with contractors and repair folks. Sometimes you just don't know who to trust. Firstly I have to mention that there is a website that is perfect for homeowners looking for handy people, contractors, roofers, gas services, plumbing, electrical -you name it, anything to do with your home repair and upkeep!

Simple baked tofu

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I like to cook. I stumbled across a really nice sounding baked tofu recipe on another blog. I thought I would post my simple recipe here and link to the new recipe I just found in the process.

Home Maintanance: Checklist

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So -have I mentioned how many things pile up when you own your own home? It is Fall and I want to ensure I am taking good care of my investment. Firstly I would like to get my furnace checked. There are a whole host of other things I am finding that I must do in the Fall. I found this nice checklist from CMHC

This checklist has items you should check for each season. Here are some of the Fall items it lists -in my own words:

**Get a qualified person to service your furnace every two years if you have gas -clean your furnace every one or two years
**If you have an air conditioning unit -check that the drain pan is clean and draining
**You can clean your furnace yourself -but always turn the power off first; check the belts and clean and dust inside the furnace and the fan blades
**Replace your air filters each month while your furnace is runing -if you are using an HRV system which is runing all year round -change the filters once every month or two -sometimes they won't look like the need replacing, use your best judgement
**If you have an HRV (Heat Revovery Ventilation -what is this? CMC -how to maintain an HRV?) check that all the duct work is sealed and that there are no air leaks

It's all very good stuff! I want to explore the whole indoor air quality thing soon here as I've read so much about that lately. Stay tuned.

Here is another great list for Fall, from: Coughlan Homes