Moving tips

*Photo from Plil_B

I know I have to get packing so here are some things I want to keep in mind!

Gather all my supplies

  • Boxes: Lots of boxes, more than I think I will ever need
  • Packing Tape: Strong packing tape for boxes
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Black Marker
  • Large Garbage Bags: for covering clothes on hangers and for garbage -clearly label!
  • Notebook: For tracking what is in each box, create a packing/labeling system, some kind of method for keeping track of what is in each box
  • Newspaper: For packing breakables
Keep my stuff together
  • Keep all pictures with picture hooks, extent ions with appliances, computer and office stuff all together
Pack as early as possible
  • Pair down your living necessities, live out of a travel case for soap, toothpaste, shampoo and wash cloth
  • Pare down cooking utensils
Assemble a cleaning kit
  • This will be used to clean your old place before you leave
  • I think I'll clean and roll up my carpets early to make cleaning and packing them simpler
Keep important papers with me
  • I might use my money belt for my passport, birth certificate and important documents while I move
  • Place all current bills in a large envelope and put this in your purse
  • Gather all you closing papers, Realtor information and important bills and account information and move it myself
More information I found

Kitchen Inspiration

I love the open shelves with dried goods in jars.

The cats

I was without cats, sans cats for just a year after my 2 feline companions passed away of old age. I thought I would stay pet free for awhile and enjoy my lack of commitments. Admittedly, I am a soft touch when it comes to the furry creatures. I was minding my own business when out from under a car popped a little Kate. She was a kitten and all by her self. What could I do?? She made herself at home right away and I had no choice in the matter.

This is Kate:

She is all grown up now. Then came along Thomas. I found Thomas huddled in a dirt pit in a dog park on my way home from work. He was skin and bones, timid and didn't eat on his own for several days. He was also abandoned -but likely he was born to a street cat. Again -what could I do? I couldn't leave him once I saw him. He was not in a good state. I always intended on finding a good home for Thomas. So far, I have been putting that off.

Thomas surprised me when he went into heat. Thomas is in fact a she! The name has stayed. Here is a pic of Thom Kitty:

Before and After -Nightstand

I love Design Sponge! What a great website. I had to write about this great before and after. This is a nightstand. The nightstand was painted, new hardware was added and new legs (a particularly special touch once you see it!) and they added an amazing molding touch to the front cabinet door. Such innovations! All together they add up to a spectacular look -topped off with a nice coat of white spray paint.

Here is the Before:

To see the amazing "After" click here..

Ikea wardrobe hack idea

Ok -I love the idea off hacking Ikea furniture. I just purchased some Ikea furnature off the people who sold my house to me. I don't like the wood finish and think it is too dark for my small finished basement bedroom. I thought I would paint it white anyway and change the nobs, but I found this really cute example from Manhattan Craft Room. She took a plain Ikea wardrobe and turned it into something custom. Have a look:

Here is the wardrobe I plan to refinish. I will post once I do:

Hall and Entrance Ideas

I am moving into my very first home at the end of this month and I waned a place to store my inspiriation, plans and progress. Really this is my log for my life at this time. Shared with cats -well, more on the title later, but 2 kitties will be moving with me into my first home. I am single and stereotypes be dammed!

I have a tiny hallway -3 feet wide only. Here is a nice narrow piece of furniture that I like from: Style at Home

Hallway ideas

Narrow peice of furniture with drawers

I love the mirror with the molding. This still may be too bulky for my narrow space, but I am thinking a mirror would be nice.

Idea from a magazine article on small space decorating
12. Line a hallway with bookshelves.

Interior Paint Ideas

Currently my place all a pastel blue. I want to change this to a warmer, but neutral colour since I don't yet know how I will decorate. I will have only 2 days to do some painting before I move in and I want that blue outta there!

Nice Neutrals from Style at Home

More paint ideas from Syle at Home
2009 colour trends