Moving tips

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I know I have to get packing so here are some things I want to keep in mind!

Gather all my supplies

  • Boxes: Lots of boxes, more than I think I will ever need
  • Packing Tape: Strong packing tape for boxes
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Black Marker
  • Large Garbage Bags: for covering clothes on hangers and for garbage -clearly label!
  • Notebook: For tracking what is in each box, create a packing/labeling system, some kind of method for keeping track of what is in each box
  • Newspaper: For packing breakables
Keep my stuff together
  • Keep all pictures with picture hooks, extent ions with appliances, computer and office stuff all together
Pack as early as possible
  • Pair down your living necessities, live out of a travel case for soap, toothpaste, shampoo and wash cloth
  • Pare down cooking utensils
Assemble a cleaning kit
  • This will be used to clean your old place before you leave
  • I think I'll clean and roll up my carpets early to make cleaning and packing them simpler
Keep important papers with me
  • I might use my money belt for my passport, birth certificate and important documents while I move
  • Place all current bills in a large envelope and put this in your purse
  • Gather all you closing papers, Realtor information and important bills and account information and move it myself
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