The cats

I was without cats, sans cats for just a year after my 2 feline companions passed away of old age. I thought I would stay pet free for awhile and enjoy my lack of commitments. Admittedly, I am a soft touch when it comes to the furry creatures. I was minding my own business when out from under a car popped a little Kate. She was a kitten and all by her self. What could I do?? She made herself at home right away and I had no choice in the matter.

This is Kate:

She is all grown up now. Then came along Thomas. I found Thomas huddled in a dirt pit in a dog park on my way home from work. He was skin and bones, timid and didn't eat on his own for several days. He was also abandoned -but likely he was born to a street cat. Again -what could I do? I couldn't leave him once I saw him. He was not in a good state. I always intended on finding a good home for Thomas. So far, I have been putting that off.

Thomas surprised me when he went into heat. Thomas is in fact a she! The name has stayed. Here is a pic of Thom Kitty:

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