Eco Friendly Painting and Staining

I would like to paint my interior soon -particularly my basement where my bedroom is. I must use low VOC paint. I also have some pieces of furniture that I'd like to paint with Milk Paint. I love the look and the Eco factor. Something else that has been on my mind lately is my deck. I noticed some dry rot on some trim under my eaves. This is a concern as there is some dry rot also on the wood panel of the exterior of my house in the same area. Of course this leads me to think about my eves in general. WOW -owning a home kind of spirals into interconnected issues one must keep on top of doesn't it?!

I am fortunate to have some really good options for environmentally friendly options here in Toronto. Here is what I've been investigating recently.


Homestead House Paint Company

They have a great selection of paints and colours and say they can match any paint colour from any other company. They also have wood stain and protective solutions as well that are non-toxic and environmentally responsible.

Telephone: (416)504-9984
Fax: (416)504-9984
95 Niagara Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V-1C3


Element Painters Inc.

These people say they specialize in low and no VOC interior and exterior painting services. They also stain and restore decking using Eco friendly methods.

647-295-7994 or 416-462-3197
276 Carlaw Ave Toronto, ON, Canada

Eco Painting

This company also claims to focus on environmentally sound painting practices. They do say that they also do deck work, but they do not specifically say that the decking stains and products they use are also environmentally friendly. It appears that they would be. A phone call could confirm this. They have interesting articles on their website and say they can even handle dealing with minor dry rot found in decking without calling another contractor.

2100 Ellesmere Road, Suite 201A
Toronto, Ontario M1H 3B7
Tel: (416) 733-7767
Fax: (416) 733-7767

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  1. Thanks for posting this blog! I really enjoyed reading it. I'm glad you are so environmentally conscious when you are painting ! Too many people care about the environment when dealing with food and things, but then completely forget once they are doing things like painting their house. Keep up the good work!