A look at daybeds

The front room continues to be completely bare. I need that to be office storage for stuff like my printer, paper, basic files and such. I also want it to be a comfy spare room/creative space. I am thinking of a day bed and perhaps an ottoman.

Inspiration photos for my front room:

I LOVE the half curtains and the curtain panels -nice look.

This Ikea day bed may work for me -it is more affordable than the Hemnes bed. But I like that too. If I get the Meldal day bed I will HAVE to get these baskets for under as well, mind the drawers on the Hemnes are tidier particularly when you have cats that shed a tonne like I do. But there is SUCH a price difference: $499.99 or $129.00 -I can't really ignore it. On top of the bed, there is the mattress expense: $499.00 for a twin, no box spring.

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