Love thy neighbour

This being my first home and all, I place huge stock in my neighbors. I was hopeful of a nice considerate reasonably quiet person who loved animals and was kind and respectful of them and me. My little house is, well, little and on a postage sized lot so we must be respectful of each others privacy. We also share a wall; this being a semi-bungalow after all. So, when I moved in I was extremely happy to meet my neighbor S. She was exactly what suited me for a neighbor. She has a lovely cat and a small dog, loves animals is a single quiet woman and extremely friendly. What more could I ask?

Well -S. decided to sell her home in this hot market and she moves out tomorrow! I am sad to see her go. Here's hoping my new neighbor is just as nice. I ran into S. while waiting for roofing folks to come around and give me some estimates to redo my roof. She very kindly said I could have some items she no longer needs -below are the pics.

PS -you will see that I ended up going with the Ikea Daybed for my den/spare room. So the Day Bed hunt is over. I decided to go with cheap and accessable. The other options were just far to expensive for my budget at this time.

The daybed is mine, but the nice wicker table in front is from S.!

This is a cabinet with a shelf inside and a hole in the back for electrical if I want to place a stereo or TV inside. It is lacquer and a bit beat up and chipped but I think it's still very nice. Not sure where this will live permanently as of yet.

Love this. It will be nice when the warm weather returns!

There is also a small bistro table with two chairs that will fit on my deck along with the chaise lounge. What a nice neighbor! I think a fresh coat of paint on the wicker will make those peices look new. I can always recover the cushon for the chaise lounge, as for the bistro table and chairs -all they need is some rust proof paint. The full list of freebe gifties includes:

1 Chaise lounge
1 Wicker table
1 Bistro table and 2 chairs
1 Asian inspired cabenet
2 blue and white Asian inspired vases
1 HUGE Asian ispired planter for a large floor plant
1 large clay enamaled cobalt blue plater for aother large plant (I see this on my deck or front porch in the summer)
1 very nice white duvet cover

How wonderful is she? Goodbye S. Hopefully we will keep in touch. Nice people are worth the effort. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.

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