Handyman, contractor, service people -where do you find one?

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Okay -I get a bit nervous with contractors and repair folks. Sometimes you just don't know who to trust. Firstly I have to mention that there is a website that is perfect for homeowners looking for handy people, contractors, roofers, gas services, plumbing, electrical -you name it, anything to do with your home repair and upkeep!
It is called homestars.com.

I wanted to have my furnace looked at by a professional before the winter came. I also had many odd questions about my gas stove, my AC unit the duct work in my basement and the humidity in my home. I found a great company called Climate Change Mechanical via Homestars.com.

Homestars.com is a review site strictly for contractors and home maintenance and repair companies. People post reviews and experiences with various service providers and rate them out of 10. I read several reviews for CCM and decided to give them a call. I wasn't disappointed. I don't know what people did before this site. I find it particularly helpful for me as I come from a small family with few experiences with home renovations and upkeep to recommend. I don't have a handy uncle or brother or sister (save for myself and I am pretty new at this!). The only other homeowners I know well are also new to the whole experience and are just as in the dark as to who is good and who isn't as I am.

Anyway -check them out -information is power and I had a great experience with the people I decided to go with.

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