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So -have I mentioned how many things pile up when you own your own home? It is Fall and I want to ensure I am taking good care of my investment. Firstly I would like to get my furnace checked. There are a whole host of other things I am finding that I must do in the Fall. I found this nice checklist from CMHC

This checklist has items you should check for each season. Here are some of the Fall items it lists -in my own words:

**Get a qualified person to service your furnace every two years if you have gas -clean your furnace every one or two years
**If you have an air conditioning unit -check that the drain pan is clean and draining
**You can clean your furnace yourself -but always turn the power off first; check the belts and clean and dust inside the furnace and the fan blades
**Replace your air filters each month while your furnace is runing -if you are using an HRV system which is runing all year round -change the filters once every month or two -sometimes they won't look like the need replacing, use your best judgement
**If you have an HRV (Heat Revovery Ventilation -what is this? CMC -how to maintain an HRV?) check that all the duct work is sealed and that there are no air leaks

It's all very good stuff! I want to explore the whole indoor air quality thing soon here as I've read so much about that lately. Stay tuned.

Here is another great list for Fall, from: Coughlan Homes

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